Tools for Well Being

  • From Burnout to Brilliance

    From Burnout to Brilliance

    From Burnout To Brilliance: Physician Wellness Symposium Physician burnout is a crisis, claiming 400 doctors annually and negatively impacting patient…

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  • Wellness Retreats for Physicians, Nurses… ~ The Osler Symposium

    Wellness Retreats for Physicians, Nurses

    Save the Date! Nov 10th-12th, 2017.  San Diego, CA Details to follow in the coming weeks and months... A unique…

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  • DOSHA ~ Your Mind-Body Constitution

    DOSHA ~ Your Mind-Body Constitution

    One of the most important steps in creating a Wellness-based lifestyle is to understand who you are and what you…

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  • Wellness Consult

    Wellness Consult

      $35     Maintain Health (30 minute) Receive a 30 minute wellness consult to identify your top three Health…

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  • Wellness Retreats

    Wellness Retreats

    Starting in 2016... An Ekam Life weekend retreat is for those looking to take a break from the hectic demands…

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  • 21 Day Natural Cleanse

    21 Day Natural Cleanse

    If you have never done a cleanse before and would like to get started, this is a great gentle program…

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  • 90-Day Lifestyle Tune-Up

    90-Day Lifestyle Tune-Up

    Get an overall view of whether your current daily routine is either supporting and nourishing your health and happiness, or…

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  • Connecting with your Vital Energies ~ Chakra Tune Up

    Connecting with your Vital Energies ~ Ch

      Imagine your body as having two main currents of energies flowing up and down alongside your spine, only they…

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  • Yoga FUNdamentals

    Yoga FUNdamentals

    Whether you are brand new to yoga, or have been practicing for years, this 6-week course will help to establish…

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