From Burnout to Brilliance

MD Andersen / Baylor School of Medicine - Physician Wellness Retreat, Austin, TX

What an incredible honor it was for me to present to a physician group on the topic of Burnout.  Dedicating my talks to our friend, Dr. Dave Hall, who took his own life many years ago, I was left with a burning desire to help others learn about burnout and how to detect early signs, and encouraging people to not shy away from potentially awkward conversations,... it's better than being left with the feeling of "... what if I had only talked with him..." You will never know who we can help, but for me, I will never shy away from these crucial conversations.  The discussions were about an ancient science from India, called Ayurveda.  It's essential stuff, about who we are as energetic beings.  Think about it, if we don't know what we are made of, at the elemental level, how are we supposed to make decisions that will support our true nature and nurture us on to health?  There is the old adage: "Healer, know thyself!"  Well, that applies to everyone, don't wait to get sick, get informed and empower yourself to be the co-creator of your own path to wellness.  It's starts with knowing your Dosha, your unique mind-body constitution. Once you start looking, you will never see life the same way again, it's a wonderful matrix of connections and inspired living.



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