I first met Maggie at the grand opening for Ekam Yoga Center; walking into Ekam was like entering a serenity zone, Maggie's energy radiated peace and her presence alone would bring an instant calming effect to everyone around her. She was a pivotal influence on my decision to become a yoga teacher, and has enriched the lives of many. Maggie made Ekam a healing place, creating a special community, where we all felt nourished, loved and alive!


CG, Yoga Teacher

My experience at Ekam was fabulous. She in cooperated several eco-friendly features that gave the place a very welcoming feeling and provided state of the Art classrooms that any teacher would love to teach in. You could tell that she gave it her all to make this place exceptional.

CJ, Health and Wellness Retreats

Maggie is professional, considerate, and reverent in her delivery as a spiritual being in this human experience. I love Maggie! She's organized, kind and all things great in our beloved Texas community!

JB, Director of Programming, The Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer CEO, Breathe the Cure/Jennyoga Texas Yoga Conference Adjunct Faculty Rice University Adjunct Professor Boston Architectural College

Maggie is an amazing yoga and meditation instructor with a passion for helping people heal naturally and guiding them to find the peace that lies within. She is tremendously knowledgeable and strikes the perfect balance between teaching proper technique / cuing poses and maintaining the focus on the breath. Coming from a very stressful corporate job, Maggie was instrumental in helping me heal from an autoimmune condition I had developed as a result of my lifestyle.

MP, Holistic Health Educator